Our party secretary Liu Wenru: let "Fujian Jinjiang Jinjiang" has become "the world"

In November 2018 09, 08:50 source: Fujian daily
Original title: Jinjiang municipal Party committee secretary Liu Wenru: let "Fujian Jinjiang" has become "the world of Jinjiang"

Jinjiang, Fujian county economy leader, known as "the first in Fujian county". General secretary Xi Jinping summed up the "Jinjiang experience" from here to the province to the country.

From the mayor to Secretary Liu Wenru, in Jinjiang for 8 years. How to a higher starting point to the inheritance and development of "Jinjiang experience", is a new era proposition facing Jinjiang. As the leading cadres at the grassroots level, Liu Wenru firmly with everyone running in the "line", in the "line", the development of Jinjiang continued to maintain in the county level "line".

As the guide, hand cart, waiter"

A cup of tea, sit down and talk, every new year's day, Liu Wenru to visit the local leading enterprises, an important problem in the notebook.

The private economy is the root of "Jinjiang experience", the city has more than 50 thousand private enterprises. The entity, keep the main industry, the interaction between government and enterprises has been a fine tradition of Jinjiang.

Heng Group CEO Xu Lianjie said, our enterprises are started from the grassroots, historical issues, our leadership put forward the "new government to manage the old account, and in the implementation of the" do not call, not to call, and thoughtful service, said to do "rule. Pro, Qing government business relations for entrepreneurs assured, comfortable, warm heart.

2014 at the end of the year, Jinjiang private enterprises face crisis, a number of enterprises started to expose financial risk. The increasing pressure of financial risk prevention and control.

We are the enterprise leader, hand cart, waiter, too hard to pick up, again painstakingly also hub before." Liu Wenru said, to do so.

Hook key enterprises in difficulty, in-depth on-site office, bank line of state-owned enterprises "outsourcing" bad loans against malicious taofeizhai...... During that time, the municipal office building conference room often late at night lights.

Jinjiang a textile enterprises appear signs of capital chain rupture, involving dozens of companies on the downstream. Liu Wenru rushed to the field study, found that the crisis is great, but the product of highly competitive market development of the company, then the night coordination within a week for enterprises to do the "two cards"; later with business owners visited two provincial and municipal bank, successfully get life-saving money.

According to statistics, since 2016, Jinjiang's total non-performing loans of nearly 20 billion yuan, immediately stopped the momentum of the spread of risk, financial operation gradually returned to normal.

The development of the "acceleration" city "temperature"

Dare to dare to do, dare to do it well. In 2016, according to the national deployment, Jinjiang seize the national major chip industry layout opportunity into the integrated circuit industry, "Jinjiang manufacturing" the leap to "sophisticated" chip era.

From the "layman" to associate expert, breakthrough from a single project to the whole chain, the whole ecological layout, Liu Wenru with everyone together, learn together, the integrated circuit industry is the only big city to do in Jinjiang.

Jinjiang municipal Party Committee Organization Department Minister Wu Zhongliu said,

This 8 years is the key period of Jinjiang comprehensive transformation and upgrading, in addition to the economy from high speed to high quality, urbanization also upgrade, from hardware to software to the public the change of farmers. The latter because it involves the resettlement and public service facilities, a test of the mass work of the Party committee and government.

In the resettlement work, Liu Wenru used the "harsh" standard requirements of each cadre. Have work hard to do the demolition of the masses, Liu Wenru took the lead in household work, sit for a long time. Liu Wenru was born in urban construction, professional service to guarantee the interests of the masses, specially formulated road concession, green landscape, public facilities and other 7 mandatory targets.

Liu Wenru said that in the eyes of their own in Jinjiang, should be a "local people yearn, outsiders yearning and trusted lifelong" city. For the protection of nostalgia, Liu Wenru actively promote the city core area in the city of five stores concentrated 126 acres, more than 100 preserved ancient architecture in southern fujian. From this, Hongkong Xian Su thousand villa only a symbolic receive 1 yuan resettlement fee, will donate the old house.

"Old people feel nostalgic, young people feel very fashionable, the overseas Chinese feel very local, foreigners feel very fujian." Gu Cuo, a red brick brick into the stone, cornices five stores, has become Jinjiang's new cultural landmark and City reception hall.

"Small Jinjiang" chase "big dreams"

5 10 led a delegation to a number of countries, running, travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers, Liu Wenru led the bid team left a string of China full sincerity in the worldwide footprint...... In the process of bid for the 2020 World School Games, Jinjiang beat all competitors, to become China's first ever held in the county-level city international comprehensive sports meeting.

From Jinjiang to travel the world, the people of the world to see Jinjiang, Jinjiang hit another miracle.

Old Chinese Su Shu thousand told reporters that the successful bid to host the world middle school students games after he runs in Jinjiang foreign tourist hotel doubled. Not long ago, he donated 5 million yuan to support the organization will take the lead in the world.

Jinjiang, the only 649 square kilometers of County town, has for 24 consecutive years to maintain the province's first comprehensive strength, the basic competitiveness of 17 consecutive County ranked in the national top 100 5~7. Enter a new stage of development, Jinjiang re marked its orientation: the construction of the internationalization of the innovative quality of the city.

Liu Wenru said, the degree of internationalization is not the size of the city, but in the city of quality and charm. Through the comprehensive upgrade of hardware and software, let the "Fujian Jinjiang" has become "the world of Jinjiang".

(Xinhua news agency, Fuzhou, November 8, Tu hung long)

(commissioning editor Wang Yao and Zhang Guigui)
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