Wu Xiao, director of the national development and Reform Commission of rural economy: scientific planning to promote the construction of Rural Revitalization Strategy calmly landing


In November 2018 09, 08:25 source: Farmer daily
Original title: scientific planning to promote the construction of Rural Revitalization Strategy calmly landing

The implementation of the strategy of rejuvenating the country, is a long-term historic task, we must strengthen planning guidance, planning through the scientific establishment of the strategy of revitalizing the country, clear milestones, detailed and practical work priorities and policy measures to ensure the implementation of the strategy of revitalizing the country, landing.

A full understanding of the significance of the implementation of the strategy of revitalizing the country, function orientation of Rural Revitalization Planning

The party's nineteen proposed the implementation of the strategy of revitalizing the country, with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the central focus of the party and the country overall, profound grasp of the modernization of law and the relationship between urban and rural areas change characteristics, conform to the hundreds of millions of farmers yearning for a better life, major decisions and arrangements of the "three rural" work out, is the full completion of major historical the task of building a well-off society and socialist modernization of the country, is the key to the "three rural" work in the new era.

Scientific planning is the revitalization of the work of rural road map, construction plans and schedules. Held at the end of 2017 the central economic work conference, the general secretary Xi Jinping explicitly requested to develop the strategy of revitalizing the country planning, scientific understanding of the strategy of revitalizing the country general requirements and rules of rural development, improve prospective and systematic; fully understand the long-term task of rural revitalization, keep a history of patience, and avoid going beyond the stage of development, but also highlight the key continue to achieve substantive results; take different measures for different types of regions, to conform to the village conditions and public opinion, both collaborative government and society and the market force, but also give full play to their main role, the goal of the task to be practical, security measures should be effective, operable. In the central rural work conference, general secretary Xi Jinping again stressed the need to scientific planning, focus on quality, easy construction, not the pursuit of speed, but not windy in sports. Prime Minister Li Keqiang, Wang Yang, chairman of deputy prime minister Hu Chunhua also repeatedly to the establishment of Rural Revitalization Strategy Planning instructions. To implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decision, according to the 2018 central document, the national development and Reform Commission and relevant departments of the "Village revitalization strategy planning (2018-2022 years)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the implementation and publish.

The "planning" of socialist ideological Chinese characteristics of Xi Jinping new era as a guide, firmly implement the spirit of the party's nineteen and nineteen sessions of the second, the Third Plenum of the central economic work conference on rural work conference, the central spirit, to the central document as the basis, clear to 2020 fully completed tasks of a well-off society and the party held in 2022 the 20 and the implementation path, detailed and practical work priorities and policy measures, is to guide the various regions and departments for local planning and special planning, orderly classification of Rural Revitalization of the important basis.

Two, accurately grasp the overall requirements of Rural Revitalization Strategy, and play the guiding role of strategic planning

From 2018 to 2022, is the implementation of the strategy of revitalizing the country in the first five years, in the "two one hundred year struggle" objective historical intersection period, Rural Revitalization should provide strong support for building a well-off society, but also lay a good foundation for the comprehensive construction of a new socialist country journey and the pace of modern agriculture and rural to keep up with. In the planning process, we pay special attention to grasp the following aspects:

(a) the scientific evaluation of urban and rural development patterns and trends, strengthen planning and forward-looking. General secretary Xi Jinping clear requirements, planning to establish urban and rural integration, integrated design, more than one regulation concept, and consider the industrial development, population distribution, public services, land use, ecological protection. In a future period especially the trend of agricultural ecology of rural economic and social development in the next 5 years is the premise of scientific study, preparation of the "planning", mainly based on the following judgment: one is the development of the industry. To speed up the adjustment of industrial structure of agriculture, grain production stable, animal husbandry and fishery proportion gradually increased. Agricultural production presents the trend of green body occupation, mechanization and products. Urban and rural industries more closely, showing booming trend of rural integration industry, agricultural product processing, agricultural production services, leisure agriculture and rural tourism, Internet plus agriculture will become an important support industry in the revitalization of the country. Two of the population is the layout. The number of rural population and the village continued to decline, the rural population aging, continue to reduce the size of the agricultural labor force. The trend of the rural population to cities and towns will not change, some regions may reverse urbanization phenomenon. The trend of rural differentiation is more obvious, the coexistence of Renaissance, extinction and integration trend, the characteristics of small town, beautiful livable village will become an important carrier of rural revitalization. The three is land use. The rural land protection pressure still exists, accelerate the transfer of land management right. The further development of the rural homestead idle, hollowing phenomenon. The four is the ecological protection. Agricultural pollution deterioration has been curbed to some extent, accelerate the improvement of rural living environment, but the protection of the rural ecological environment and the restoration of the situation is still very grim.

(two) understand the profound meaning of the essence of Rural Revitalization Strategy, improve the planning system, guidance and maneuverability. "Planning" firmly establish the new concept of development, in the planning, index setting, strategic task, policy measures and fully embody the "industry prosperous, livable, civilized, effective governance, rich life" of the general requirements, the construction of rural economic, political, cultural, social, ecological and Party A an organic whole, overall planning, coordination and promotion, promote rural industry, talent, culture, ecology and organizational revitalization, promoting agricultural comprehensive upgrade, rural progress, the overall development of farmers, enhance the system of. To safeguard the fundamental interests of farmers, promoting the common prosperity of farmers as the starting point and the main direction of focus in the next five years of rural revitalization, detailed and practical tasks and focus on key initiatives, the deployment of major projects, major plans and major operations, the establishment of Rural Revitalization index system, clear security measures, enhance the operability of planning and constraint and to ensure the smooth implementation of the strategy of rejuvenating the country, achieved initial results.

(three) to give priority to the development of agriculture and rural areas, accelerate the development of agriculture and rural areas make up the short board. Agriculture is still the "legs four synchronous, the countryside is still fully completed short board well-off society. The party's nineteen first proposed to give priority to the development of agriculture and rural, it is important to enhance the "three rural" work guiding idea, is the inevitable requirement of "three rural" work "priority among priorities". In the guiding ideology, the "planning" clearly put forward to strengthen the leadership of the Party of the "three rural" work, improve the implementation of Rural Revitalization Strategy leadership responsibility system, the real implementation of agricultural and rural policy of giving priority to the development of the change, the "three rural" work "said that it is important to dry up the secondary, not busy situation, provide a strong to achieve the revitalization of the country. In the configuration elements, adhere to the "planning" from fiscal priority guarantee and establish high standard farmland construction of new farmland index and urban and rural construction land linked savings index provincial transfer mechanism and other aspects, to broaden the financing channels of Rural Revitalization; from the point of view of strengthening the new occupation farmer training, training of professionals, encourage rural and support personnel returning to the countryside industrial business, strengthen the revitalization of rural talent support; to revitalize the stock, with the increment of flow and use a variety of ways, a new form of new rural development guarantee industry land, forming a strong propulsion system supply rural revitalization. In infrastructure and public services, "planning" continue to focus on rural areas, urban and rural infrastructure building and sharing, interoperability, establish and improve the basic public service system of universal coverage, inclusive sharing, integrated urban and rural areas, improve the rural social security system.

(four) to drive rural revitalization and urbanization wheel, construction of urban and Rural Revitalization of the new pattern of integration. "Planning" on reshaping the relationship between urban and rural areas, trying to rural industrialization and urbanization in the position to re recognize and re positioning. One is the overall arrangement of urban and rural development space. In accordance with the main function of positioning, development, protection and remediation of land space overall layout, improve the urban and rural structure, efforts to form the countryside and distinctive, modern urban development pattern of urban and rural. Two is to optimize the rural production and living ecological space. To meet the development needs of modern agriculture and rural industry, co-ordinate the use of rural production space, give full play to the comparative advantages of each region, the rural production gradually integrated into the regional industry chain and production network. To meet the needs of farmers modernization, rational distribution of rural living space, improve rural service function. To adapt to the needs of ecological civilization construction, strict protection of rural ecological space, enhance the ecological function and service value. The three is to reform and improve the institutional mechanisms for the development of urban and rural integration. Efforts to get rid of disadvantages of various obstacles and restraints to the system mechanism, make the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources, better play the role of government, promote the formation of new relations between urban and rural areas, urban and rural workers and peasants mutual complementary, comprehensive integration and common prosperity.

(five) to farmers to play the main role in the revitalization in the country, stimulate the vitality of rural development. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, to unremittingly promote rural reform and innovation, give full play to the main role of hundreds of millions of farmers and the pioneering spirit, constantly liberate and develop social productive forces in rural areas. One is activate resources increase vitality". To deepen the reform of rural land system, accelerate rural collective construction land management system reform, to support the returned personnel to take the shareholding and joint venture of rural collective land use. The two is to promote the industrial development of the "strong physique". Prosperous industry is focused on the implementation of Rural Revitalization Strategy, to accelerate the implementation of village industrial county action to the agricultural industry advantage of relying on the features in the integration of the development of the rural 123 industry as the main direction of development pattern and strive to create a village one product, a town industry, support the growth of the collective economy, promote the common prosperity of peasants. The three is to cultivate the spirit of rural civilization "". Innovative ways to launch the village people, the rich, sage, efforts to form a demonstration effect, stimulate the villagers to participate in creating enthusiasm and new fashion. The four is to strengthen the basic work of "Qi poly". Give full play to the villagers' meeting, villagers' representative meeting, Council of the villagers, the villagers strengthen village organization service ability, construction of village autonomy organization and the collective economic organizations in the leadership of grassroots party organizations under the fusion mechanism, improve the rural grassroots organizations appeal and cohesion.

(six) full consideration over differences and characteristics, in order to promote the revitalization of rural classification. According to the rural pattern diversity trend of differentiation, focus on regional characteristics, reflect the local customs. According to the geographical conditions and resources development status, different villages, to revitalize the design path, in accordance with the cluster upgrade, suburban integration, protection, relocation and characteristics of 4 types of classification, to promote rural development, village system, precise measures and policies. Reasonable arrangements for Rural Revitalization of priority, scientific efforts to grasp the rhythm, not only do my best, and capabilities, solid and orderly rural revitalization, for a long time to work, not to engage across the board.

Three, on the strength of short board, clear Rural Revitalization task

On the strength of short board, "planning" focus on Rural Revitalization of constructing the institutional framework and policy system, a reasonable set of milestones, a clear focus on the task in the next five years, to work out a China socialist rural road revitalization.

(a) to improve the agricultural development innovation, competitiveness and total factor productivity. According to the quality first, efficiency first and high quality development, focus on the construction of rural modern industrial system, promote industrial prosperity. One is firmly hold the bottom line of food safety. The implementation for grain storage, grain storage in technology strategy, the grain production capacity of compaction, the need to ensure that can come and get on for. Two is to unswervingly push forward the agricultural supply side structural reform. Adhere to the quality of agriculture, green agriculture, go to high quality, characteristics of the brand of agricultural development, adjust and optimize the layout of agricultural productivity, accelerate the construction of modern agricultural industrial system, production system, management system. The three is to promote the rural 123 industry depth of integration, market demand-oriented, as the core to improve the profit mechanism, system mechanism and business model innovation, construction of agriculture and the two or three industry integration of the modern industrial system, and achieve a win-win industrial development and increasing farmers' income. The four is to handle the relationship between the development of large-scale business entities and small farmers, full respect for the wishes of farmers, the development of the family business as the leading moderate scale management support, through social service to smallholder production gradually introducing modern agriculture development track.

(two) to promote the development of green agriculture and rural. Firmly establish the beautiful scenery is jinshanyinshan concept, insist on respect for nature, comply with nature, protect nature, governance system of overall landscape Hayashida Lake grass, accelerate the transformation of production and life style, the construction of living environment of natural beauty and ecological system, stable and healthy life of harmony between man and nature of ecological livable beautiful countryside. One is to perfect the system of agricultural resources recuperate, expand the pilot rotation fallow agricultural inputs, strengthen the standardized management, the full realization of the waste harmless treatment of agriculture, improve resource utilization level, and effectively protect the habitat environment. Two is to continue to implement the outstanding issues of agricultural environmental engineering, increase the strength of governance, improve the system of policies and regulations and technical path, effectively curb the deterioration of agricultural ecological environment. Three is to carry out the rectification action of rural living environment, the rural living environment, the implementation of a toilet revolution as the specific work to promote the strategy of revitalizing the country, continue to catch effect. Four is the implementation of ecological restoration projects, management of forest lake grass system overall landscape greening, vigorously implement the action, accelerating the construction of national ecological security barrier.

(three) the development of rural cultural prosperity. Guided by the socialist core values, adhere to the spiritual civilization and material civilization, the inheritance and development of Chinese traditional culture, rural culture to stimulate innovation and creativity, enhance the farmers' spirit, cultivate the rural wind civilization, the good tradition and civilization with the simple folk, new weather, the revitalization of the country unite to achieve a powerful spiritual force. One is to strengthen the ideological and moral construction in rural areas. Adhere to the guidance and practice cultivation, education system, the socialist core values into all aspects of rural development. Two is the inheritance and development of rural excellent traditional culture, creative transformation based on the protection and inheritance, innovation, development, continue to give the connotation of the times. Three is a rich cultural life in rural areas, promote the integration of the development of urban and rural public cultural service system, increase the outstanding rural cultural products and services supply, active and prosperous rural cultural market, provide high quality spiritual nutrition for farmers.

(four) improve the modern rural governance system. The implementation of the strategy of revitalizing the country, the most solid force at the grassroots level. The nineteen Party Congress report clearly put forward the "strengthening the basic work of" rural grassroots, is to strengthen the leadership of rural grassroots party organizations, perfect the autonomy, rule of law and virtue of combining rural governance system. One is to deepen the practice of villager autonomy, autonomy as the base, strengthen rural grassroots autonomous organizations, improve and innovate the village Party organization leading the vigorous villagers autonomy mechanism, promote social governance focus to the primary down, let farmers say, and the principal procedure". The two is to improve the rural grass-roots level of the rule of law, uphold the rule of law for this, establish the concept of governance according to law, strengthen the law in safeguarding the interests of farmers, regulate the operation of the market, support and protection of agriculture, ecological environment governance, to resolve social conflicts and other aspects of the authority, the government will agriculture related work into the orbit of the rule of law. The three is to enhance the level of country of rule of virtue. Adhere to the rule of virtue is the first virtue in order to nourish the rule of law, autonomous conservation, governance throughout the whole process of rural governance. To adapt to the characteristics of the rural "acquaintance society", play the positive role of the leader, Xinxiang xian.

(five) to speed up the rural people's livelihood padded short board. To protect and improve people's livelihood in development, farmers around the masses are most concerned about the most direct and practical interests, improve the rural living security level, to meet the growing needs of farmers, so that farmers have more tangible and gain a sense of well-being and sense of security. One is to resolutely fight poverty battle to improve precision, deficient quality in the first place, the formulation and implementation of poverty alleviation and lay a precise plan of action for three years, to take more effective measures and more focused support, more sophisticated work, to ensure that by 2020 the rural poor population in China under the current standard out of poverty, poverty county all hat, to solve regional overall poverty. The second is to strengthen the construction of rural infrastructure, continue to focus on rural infrastructure construction, continue to increase investment in rural infrastructure, accelerate the padded short board, to promote urban and rural infrastructure interoperability, promote rural infrastructure provided block upgrade. The third is to enhance the quality of rural labor employment, adhere to the strategy of giving priority to employment and active employment policy, improve the urban and rural equalization of public employment service system, and constantly improve the quality of workers in rural areas, farmers and expand employment locally to increase employment space, achieve a higher quality and more full employment. The four is to increase the supply of public services in rural areas, continue to focus on the development of social undertakings in rural countries, promote public education, health care, social security, pension services and other resources to rural areas, gradually establish and perfect the basic public service system of national coverage, inclusive sharing, integrated urban and rural areas, promote the extension of public services to rural and social undertakings to cover the countryside.

Four, strengthen planning and implementation, to Promote Rural Revitalization Strategy landing

The Party Central Committee on Rural Revitalization of the fundamental policy has been clear, the next step is to put the Party Central Committee's strategic plan implemented, put the blueprint into reality step by step. The implementation of the strategy of revitalizing the country planning, to uphold the party's leadership, to better fulfill the responsibilities at all levels of government, the use of market-oriented, rule of law means, greatly stimulate the vitality and creativity of all kinds of subjects, the formation of a powerful force, promote the implementation of the task measures landing.

(a) to strengthen the organization and leadership. The success of rural business, realize rural revitalization, lies in the party. Adhere to the revitalization of rural major issues, important issues and important work by the party organization to discuss the decision mechanism, the implementation of Party and government leaders are the first responsible person, five Secretary of the revitalization of the country to catch the work requirements, to provide a strong guarantee for the implementation of the "planning". The establishment of Party leadership and cadres and promote the Rural Revitalization Strategy Performance evaluation system, the evaluation results as an important basis for the selection and appointment of leading cadres.

(two) improve the planning system. In accordance with the deployment of the central document, all localities and departments will be prepared for the revitalization of the local rural planning and special planning or plan. Through the establishment of urban and rural integration, regional development, compliance planning system, the "planning" goals and action plans to implement the project decomposition and local departments, to further clarify the main responsibility, the implementation of the timetable and roadmap, pressing compaction, ensure landing.

(three) on a typical drive. Adhere to the overall revitalization of the country, but also highlight the key areas, key issues and key links, according to the different development level, different types of villages, orderly classification related work. Respect and play a grassroots initiative, looking for the breakthrough point, from the difficulty of rural development in various regions of the focus, to promote top-level design and basic practice of benign interaction and organic integration.

(four) the mobilization of social participation. To build a platform of social participation, strengthen the organization and mobilization, construction of the government, market, social collaboration to promote the revitalization of rural participation mechanism. Innovative forms of propaganda, publicity of Rural Revitalization policies and vivid practice, the maximum cohesion strength and the consensus of the whole society. The establishment of Rural Revitalization expert consulting system, strengthening the theoretical research for the. To attract all kinds of resources to promote the revitalization of rural rural agglomeration, early results.

(commissioning editor Wang Yao and Zhang Guigui)
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