Contribution to deepen agricultural cooperation in the field of China program -- the global agricultural South South Cooperation Forum review

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Original title: a contribution to deepen agricultural cooperation in the field of China scheme

At the beginning of November, Hunan province Changsha city has a unique and beautiful. The global agricultural forum held successfully in South South cooperation here.

This forum by the socialist diplomatic thoughts Chinese characteristics of Xi Jinping new era as a guide to a comprehensive summary of the agricultural South South cooperation mode of experience, to explore the new path of agriculture of South South cooperation, promote the implementation of the agenda of sustainable development for 2030 years, for the deepening of South South cooperation with China plan, promote the construction of a common destiny of mankind. This is a fruitful, efficient and pragmatic, the future of the forum, is a has milepost sense in the global agricultural history of the South South Cooperation Forum

Jointly issued by the head of China, Burkina Faso, Burma, Samoa and other 29 countries, government ministers or senior representatives and 12 international organization delegation "global agriculture Changsha South South cooperation declaration" (hereinafter referred to as the "Changsha declaration"), is the first specialized in agriculture field to carry out South South cooperation between government initiatives.

FAO, the International Fund for agricultural development, WFP issued a joint statement on the implementation of the strategy of revitalizing the country Chinese power sustainable development agenda in 2030, the United Nations system for the first time in the form of official documents of the Chinese Rural Revitalization Strategy clearly expressed support.

FAO director general Graziano said that the forum "to create a new history of South South cooperation in the field of agriculture".


South South cooperation has become an important means to realize the goal of sustainable development, provide an important channel for capacity building, technical assistance and practice exchange

In the "2030 agenda for sustainable development: new opportunities for global agriculture of South South cooperation as the theme of the forum invited representatives of the parties to carry out extensive exchanges, to further clarify the new era of global agriculture in the South South cooperation objectives, tasks and initiatives.

Delegates believe that South South cooperation plays an important role in helping developing countries to develop agriculture and improve global food security, has become an important means to realize the goal of sustainable development, especially in the aspect of agriculture sustainable development, food security, nutrition, poverty reduction, education, occupation training, environment, science and technology, trade and investment etc. that provides an important platform to help carry out capacity-building, technical assistance and the exchange of best practices.

The Ministry of agriculture minister Han Changfu said in his speech, the original intention of the United Nations Forum and 2030 years of sustainable development goals, China is willing to work with South South cooperation partners to share development experience in agriculture and rural areas, deepen exchanges and cooperation in agriculture and rural areas.

Uganda agriculture minister Cem P GA said that the agricultural industry for Uganda's GDP contribution rate is 26%, Uganda as one of the host country agriculture of South South cooperation, has been supported Chinese and FAO, hope to take this opportunity to deepen and consolidate the agricultural South South cooperation partnership, promote the comprehensive development of agriculture in Uganda.

"Changsha declaration" pointed out that the sustainable development of agriculture resources is a common problem faced by many countries, and South South cooperation play an important complementary role in the promotion of global food security and agricultural development. The FAO and IFAD, WFP to support members, actively carry out the global South South cooperation to promote agriculture, food security and nutrition field, promote the global zero hunger and poverty reduction achieved remarkable results and have a positive impact.

All China's contribution

It is the most important Chinese South South cooperation partner and the largest contributor, about 1 million farmers in the developing countries to benefit from

"Chinese is to strengthen and expand the cooperation of the most important partners of FAO and the largest contributor." Graziano said that in the past 40 years, China technical assistance to developing countries is growing steadily. Through the implementation of Chinese - FAO South South cooperation projects, about 1 million farmers benefit from developing countries. More than 1000 China experts and technical personnel to carry out cooperation with local partners in 28 countries and regions.

In recent years, Chinese was sent to Nigeria 496 Chinese experts and technicians, the share of agricultural knowledge, technology and experience. Nigeria agriculture and rural development minister Audu Oberg proudly told reporters: "we benefited from, especially in aquaculture, water resources management, agricultural products processing, bamboo production, mushroom production, animal husbandry, planting etc.. Now the agriculture of Nigeria has made great progress, becoming the largest rice producer in Africa, rice imports significantly reduced, at the same time we also Africa's largest corn producer, Africa's second largest producer of sesame."

The forum introduces trust fund Chinese - FAO South South cooperation project summary evaluation. According to the assessment team leader Professor Tang Lixia, Chinese participated in the FAO global agricultural South South cooperation, not only to provide financial support, and provide technical solutions. China scheme has five advantages: one is the most Chinese sending staff is a long-term expert, the work cycle is usually 22 months, this can also cover the two agricultural production season; two is the number of experts sent over the same period very much, covers a very wide field, which is very complete; three is very expert strong practical ability and rich experience in grassroots, to provide services for local farmers directly; four is the construction of ability of a variety of forms, including technology demonstration, training organization, distribute materials, tours and other organizations; five is the most directly facing smallholder agricultural technology, simple, low cost, very suitable for the development of national conditions of the host country.

Summary of the forum Chinese - FAO Agricultural South South cooperation results, affirmed the Chinese actively fulfill its international obligations, approved by Chinese "delegate to fish" and "bottom-up" approach for the global agricultural development contribution that China - FAO South South cooperation is a global model of agriculture of South South cooperation, made the positive contribution for the developing countries to enhance the level of agricultural development and food security.

The development prospect of picture

We must attach great importance to support small farmers, not only pay close attention to agriculture, also should pay attention to rural transformation

Although many developing countries are geographically far away, but the challenge is the same, that is to reduce hunger and poverty. In the path of sustainable development and the goal of the United Nations in 2030 forty years after the implementation of the Buenos Aires programme of action agenda issues, Burma agriculture, animal husbandry and irrigation minister Aung, Samoa Minister of agriculture and Fisheries Department Luopaao Nathaniel Ma, Burkina Faso Minister of agriculture, animal husbandry and Irrigation Department of Jacob Avedraogo, Ambassador of Giza Jin Bao Tan Fiji Mawlawi, agriculture, irrigation and water conservancy development department minister Joseph Mwanam veca generally talked about the urgent need for increasing the grain yield, the development of agricultural production.

WFP executive director David Beasley believes that 70% of the food world are small-scale production, if you ignore the peasant, is to ignore the whole human. Technology and experience from the China to smallholder farmers in other developing countries shows how the development of agriculture, and other countries who is the key to realize the food safety of. "So, South South cooperation can help us to solve the world's problems." He told reporters.

In the "agricultural science and technology innovation and technology promotion" and "agricultural investment cooperation with the countries of the south development" and "tripartite cooperation and global partnership issues", "peasant" is a high frequency words. It is generally believed that there are a large number of small farmers in the traditional farming methods in the world. To achieve innovation, we must take the innovation transfer to small farmers, efficient implementation of innovations into the application, so as to meet the needs of small farmers.

IFAD President Gilbert Houngbo said, a very important experience China is not only concerned about productivity, is also concerned about energy and water resources and transport, roads and other infrastructure, and improve the environment of small farmers and small producers, these concerns are very important, especially in the South South cooperation project will learn from the future. "Our future goal is to achieve inclusive and sustainable, it is necessary to farmers in the first place, to ensure that our investment can promote the development of agriculture and rural transformation."

"Changsha declaration" solemn declaration, adhering to the "real pro Cheng" and the concept of equality and mutual benefit values, Chinese, FAO and other partners will work to expand investment in rural areas, promote inclusive rural transformation, agriculture and food security in the construction and developing mutual trust, economic win-win cooperation and mutual exchanges between countries learning, mutual help, solidarity and cooperation of the South South cooperation partnership, in order to achieve sustainable development agenda of the United Nations in 2030. To this end, the South South cooperation in policy, planning and strategic synergy between the important content, to strengthen South South cooperation and sustainable development goals and strategic initiatives, through the promotion of South South cooperation and share best practice solutions, to strengthen South South cooperation interoperability and global partnership to promote sustainable development.

Two days of the forum ended in November 3rd, but against hunger and poverty fighting from no end to Changsha as a starting point, the cause of the global agricultural South South cooperation will open a new chapter. (reporter Zhong Xin)

(commissioning editor Wang Yao and Zhang Guigui)
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