The Ministry of agriculture, the rural ecological environment department jointly issued the "agricultural and rural pollution control battle action plan"

In November 2018 09, 08:19 source: Farmer daily
Original title: two ministries jointly issued the "agricultural and rural pollution control battle action plan"

Approved by the State Council, the Ministry of agriculture, the rural ecological environment ministry jointly issued prior to the date of "agricultural and rural pollution control battle action plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "action plan"), clearly the overall requirements of pollution control in rural areas, agricultural operations objectives, major tasks and safeguard measures, and make arrangements for agricultural and rural pollution control battle, and the rural pollution control work into the agricultural provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) the assessment scope of pollution prevention and control of the battle, as the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) is an important content of the Party committee and government target responsibility assessment, county cadres performance evaluation.

"Action plan" proposed, through three years of poverty, rural green development to accelerate the rural ecological environment is improved and the pollution control work system and mechanism of agricultural and rural basic form, agricultural and rural environmental supervision was strengthened, the enthusiasm of rural residents to participate in agricultural and rural environmental protection initiative significantly enhanced. By 2020, to achieve a "Paul two rule three minus four upgrade:" security ", namely the protection of drinking water sources in rural areas, rural drinking water safety and security;" two rule ", namely the governance of rural garbage and sewage, to achieve the village environment clean and orderly;" three reduction ", reduce fertilizer and pesticide use the total amount of water and agriculture;" four ", namely promotion mainly by agricultural non-point source pollution caused by water quality, exceed the standard of agricultural waste comprehensive utilization, environmental supervision capacity and rural residents participation.

"Action plan" put forward five main tasks. One is to strengthen the rural drinking water source protection. To speed up the rural drinking water source protection area delineation and assessment, strengthen the monitoring of drinking water in rural areas, rural drinking water source environmental risk investigation and remediation. Two is to accelerate the rural life garbage and sewage disposal. Increase the garbage treatment in rural areas, advancing rural sewage treatment, to ensure long-term operation of pollution control facilities in rural areas. The three is to solve the pollution of aquaculture. To promote the breeding of clean production and the mode of ecological industry; strengthen the livestock and poultry manure resource utilization, to 2020 years of national livestock and poultry manure comprehensive utilization rate reached more than 75%, the strict scale livestock environmental supervision, the scale of livestock and poultry farms into the key sources of pollution management, 2019 years of large-scale farm manure treatment equipment 2020 years to complete, farms of all sizes of sewage treatment equipment supporting rate of over 95%; strengthen the aquaculture pollution prevention and ecological protection. Four is the effective prevention and control of pollution of planting. Continue to promote the chemical fertilizer and pesticide reduction efficiency, to 2020 years, the main crop fertilizer and pesticide use to achieve a negative growth, the utilization rate of chemical fertilizers were above 40%; strengthen the straw and agricultural waste utilization, to 2020 years, the rate reached more than 85% national comprehensive utilization of straw, plastic film recovery rate reached more than 80%; vigorously promote planting model of industrial ecology, to 2020 years of agricultural irrigation water control in less than 372 billion cubic meters of arable land; the implementation of classification management, conduct involving cadmium and other heavy metals in key industries and enterprises investigation and remediation. The five is to enhance the environmental supervision capacity of agriculture and rural areas. Adherence to ecological protection red, strengthen law enforcement and supervision of agricultural ecological environment in rural areas. (reporter Li Liying)

(commissioning editor Wang Yao and Zhang Guigui)
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